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It's Never Too Early to Start Planning for Next Summer. Get Excited to Create Family Memories in Your New Pool!

Dive in!

If you have been thinking about a swimming pool, now is the time! We are the premier fiberglass pool installer in the Lansing, Mi area, and the only company in Michigan to be  recognized as Certified Builder Professional by the Pool and Hot Tub Alliance. We are dedicated to being the best and most innovative pool installer in our area. 

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We are proud to be an authorized dealer of Latham Pools and Imagine Pools.

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We've created a free resource to aid you in your pool buying experience with over 30 pages of information. 

Invest in your yard

We know a swimming pool is one of the biggest investments you can make for your family. We are happy to offer financing options to our clients through HFS. If you are interested in financing, please let us know and we can help you with the process. 

Advantages of Fiberglass:

- Fiberglass is low maintenance due to its low surface porosity. This means that there aren't as many rough cavities for algae to make their home. This means less cleaning and maintenance for you, and more time to enjoy your backyard oasis!

- Fiberglass pool installation typically takes 2 to 5 days compared with concrete pools which can take up to six months to install. That is the difference between getting to enjoy your pool THIS summer versus next year.

- Fiberglass pools have no liner, unlike vinyl pools, so there is less opportunity for damage making them more durable!

- Fiberglass material isn't compromised by salt-water systems, which are the lowest maintenance system that you can find. However, salt-water systems will compromise concrete and vinyl material over time, costing your more time and money in maintenance fees. 

- Customization is possible with a variety of shapes and sizes with additions such as tanning ledges and in-pool spa and dining areas. Add mosaic tiles, water features, and LED lighting for a custom look during the day and night time.

Why choose fiberglass?

Three Types of Pools:
  • Fiberglass

  • Vinyl

  • Concrete

Facts of Fiberglass:

- Although there are features that you can add to customize the style of your pool, the pool is pre-made in factory and therefore cannot be made completely custom.

- As with any pool, there are maintenance responsibilities. Fiberglass pools have a gel-like barrier that protects the material underneath and makes it more durable. To get the most bang for your buck, and to make your pool last longer, it is recommended that you do routine checks to ensure that the quality of the water is compatible with the materials of the pool. 

- Lastly, your pool will enhance your backyard space so much that it may cause envy among your neighbors. 

What in ground pool is best for me? Fiberglass inground pool compariton.


-How long does it typically take to install a pool?

The installation process typically takes 2-5 days. This means that we won't be tearing up your space for too long, and you'll be able to bask in your new outdoor space's glory sooner!

-Why should I use fiberglass vs other materials?

Fiberglass has a bigger return on investment due to the fact that you can cut costs on maintenance fees, and it is made of stronger material to last longer. 

-When is the best time to install a pool?

We are able to install pools year round. Find out our availability to book us for your project!

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Why choose Elevate?


We are the premier outdoor living company servicing Williamston, Haslett, Dewitt, Okemos, East Lansing, Lansing, Howell, and Brighton. We take pride in the fact that we are certified through Pool and Hot Tub Alliance as well as Unilock and Techo-Pro. This means we have the best training and use the best materials to get your job done right! To us we are creating more than just an outdoor space, we are creating an outdoor extension of your home for you and your family and friends to enjoy forever more!

Our clients have earned us a 5 star review! We strive to give our clients the best final product. Our goal is to make your dream outdoor living space a reality. 

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